A brief introduction


  • This was initially written to support in-person, instructor-led workshops and tutorials

  • These materials are maintained by Jérôme Petazzoni and multiple contributors

  • You can also follow along on your own, at your own pace

  • We included as much information as possible in these slides

  • We recommend having a mentor to help you ...

  • ... Or be comfortable spending some time reading the Docker documentation ...

  • ... And looking for answers in the Docker forums, StackOverflow, and other outlets

Hands on, you shall practice

  • Nobody ever became a Jedi by spending their lives reading Wookiepedia

  • Likewise, it will take more than merely reading these slides to make you an expert

  • These slides include tons of exercises and examples

  • They assume that you have acccess to a machine running Docker

  • If you are attending a workshop or tutorial:
    you will be given specific instructions to access a cloud VM

  • If you are doing this on your own:
    we will tell you how to install Docker or access a Docker environment