Cleaning Up

In this lab you will delete the compute resources created during this tutorial.

Compute Instances

Delete the controller and worker compute instances:

gcloud -q compute instances delete \
  controller-0 controller-1 controller-2 \
  worker-0 worker-1 worker-2


Delete the external load balancer network resources:

  gcloud -q compute forwarding-rules delete kubernetes-forwarding-rule \
    --region $(gcloud config get-value compute/region)

  gcloud -q compute target-pools delete kubernetes-target-pool

  gcloud -q compute http-health-checks delete kubernetes

  gcloud -q compute addresses delete kubernetes-the-hard-way

Delete the kubernetes-the-hard-way firewall rules:

gcloud -q compute firewall-rules delete \
  kubernetes-the-hard-way-allow-nginx-service \
  kubernetes-the-hard-way-allow-internal \
  kubernetes-the-hard-way-allow-external \

Delete the kubernetes-the-hard-way network VPC:

  gcloud -q compute routes delete \
    kubernetes-route-10-200-0-0-24 \
    kubernetes-route-10-200-1-0-24 \

  gcloud -q compute networks subnets delete kubernetes

  gcloud -q compute networks delete kubernetes-the-hard-way