Least privilege model

  • All the important data is stored in the "Raft log"

  • Managers nodes have read/write access to this data

  • Workers nodes have no access to this data

  • Workers only receive the minimum amount of data that they need:

    • which services to run
    • network configuration information for these services
    • credentials for these services
  • Compromising a worker node does not give access to the full cluster

What can I do if I compromise a worker node?

  • I can enter the containers running on that node

  • I can access the configuration and credentials used by these containers

  • I can inspect the network traffic of these containers

  • I cannot inspect or disrupt the network traffic of other containers

    (network information is provided by manager nodes; ARP spoofing is not possible)

  • I cannot infer the topology of the cluster and its number of nodes

  • I can only learn the IP addresses of the manager nodes

Guidelines for workload isolation

  • Define security levels

  • Define security zones

  • Put managers in the highest security zone

  • Enforce workloads of a given security level to run in a given zone

  • Enforcement can be done with Authorization Plugins

Learning more about container security

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