Versions installed

  • Kubernetes 1.14.1
  • Docker Engine 18.09.5
  • Docker Compose 1.21.1

Check all installed versions:

kubectl version
docker version
docker-compose -v

Kubernetes and Docker compatibility

  • Kubernetes 1.14 validates Docker Engine versions up to 18.09
    (the latest version when Kubernetes 1.14 was released)

  • Kubernetes 1.13 only validates Docker Engine versions up to 18.06

  • Is this a problem if I use Kubernetes with a "too recent" Docker Engine?

  • No!

  • "Validates" = continuous integration builds with very extensive (and expensive) testing

  • The Docker API is versioned, and offers strong backward-compatibility

    (If a client uses e.g. API v1.25, the Docker Engine will keep behaving the same way)